DraftSight®: More Than a Free* 2D CAD Product

Discover the Professional Pack Offering that provides unique enhancements to the free version of DraftSight for Windows, including Toolbox for DraftSight, Design Library, Drawing Compare, Batch Printing and more.

DraftSight Features


Free Version

Community Resources: Access to online community support and an abundance of learning resources, including our free "Getting Started Guide."

Search in Options: Simply type your search in the box, and you will be provided with the path to the topic in the Options dialog.

Quick Group: Quickly create EntityGroups by using the right mouse button.

Standard Compliant Drawings: Use the VerifyStandards command to check that the current drawing conforms to industry, corporate, and custom standards.

iQuestions Integration: Log into the DraftSight online swYm community to search and ask questions in the iQuestions section.

Toolbox for DraftSight: A standards-based mechanical symbol library and mechanical annotation add-on.

Design Library: The Design Library tab in DraftSight's Task Pane provides a central location for user-defined reusable elements such as blocks.

Drawing Compare: DrawCompare is used to graphically compare entities between two drawing documents.

Macro Recording: The quickest and easiest way to start programming with the DraftSight API is to record a macro.

Batch Printing: Send a set of drawings and Sheets to printers in a batch job and save batch print jobs to Batch Print List (*bpl) files for subsequent use.

Layer Preview: Quickly preview the content of layers one by one or by a set of specified layers

PDF Underlay: Attach pages of a PDF document to a drawing with the AttachPDF command.

DraftSight APIs (application programming interface) and API updates. APIs allow end users to customize and automate DraftSight.

Product upgrades, new releases and service packs that become available during your entitlement period.

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Internet and activation of the free version of DraftSight for Windows required. No minimum purchase required.
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